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The Well does not exist solely for the benefit of itself – it exists to serve and to act as a conduit through which God blesses everyone.


Jesus broke the cultural, social and religious “rules” of His day by talking to a Samaritan woman at “the well” (See John 4). He sees her coming to get some water and asks her, “Will you give me a drink? “ That's an invitation to dialogue – an invitation to enter into relationship. And that's what we believe Christianity is really supposed to be all about - Loving relationships. In this Biblical story the well represents the place where divisions caused by economics, ethnicity, gender, and even “religion” end, and meaningful, loving relationships begin.

At our version of The Well we are doing our best to create such a community:
a place where, above all else, love rules.

Join us for Spring series as we discuss worship and prayer.

JUNE 23 we will NOT be meeting at the Boys and Girls Club. We will meet at Ben Lee park for a picnic at 10:10am. Please bring your own picnic for your family. Ben Lee is located between Houghton Rd, Leathead Rd and Franklyn Rd.

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